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Wake Up with Makeup!

Welcome to PoÉme Beauty, specialising in Semi-Permanent Make Up and Semi- Permanent Eyelash Extensions.

Semi-Permanent Makeup is the perfect solution to look your best at all times – no matter what the reason!

Emily Ponte is a specialist in Semi Permanent Makeup and Eyelash Extensions in Hertfordshire. Based at her clinic in Herford, Hertfordshire, she offers an extremely professional service, ensuring client satisfaction at all times.

Also know as Cosmetic Tattooing, Semi Permanent makeup is an advanced technique which will enhance your natural beauty and add shape & definition to your facial features.  It will last for several years, requiring very minimal maintenance. Perfect for those with busy working or home lives. There is a treatment to suit everyone!

For a more detailed explanation of all the treatments Poeme Beauty offers, please go to the 'Treatments' section.

To book your FREE consultation, contact Emily on: 07866048385 or info@poeme-beauty.co.uk